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Maísa Stolz is a South American fine artist currently living in Oxfordshire showing her work for the first time in the UK in 2023.


She creates mixed media sculptures using mostly unusual materials, slowly building the shape employing different kinds of paper techniques and clays, finishing with fabric, horns, feathers, eggs and everything nature can offer to make the pieces come alive. By layering and manipulating paper, she creates intricate and highly detailed works that capture the imagination of viewers, exploring themes of identity, transformation, and the relationships between humans and the natural world.

Coming from southern countryside Brazil, she has always been interested in animals, their shapes and characters. Whenever a famous painting or piece of sculpture was spotted, she would find herself wondering what the original transformed into animals would be. Degas’ Little Dancer is perfect as a hare. The Victorian men of Dickens’ Christmas Carol are rats. Mona Lisa’s quiet contemplation becomes a placid and obedient sheep. The Goat with a Pearl Earring needs no further introduction.

In addition, Maisa has a fascination with creating characters, exploring a variety of materials to bring to life mythological beings, figures born from her dreams, and imaginary creatures.

A wide array of works of art by Maisa Stolz, including paintings and drawings. Inspired by classic arts and utilizing contemporary materials, her work spans from reinterpretations to new creative looks, mixing the old tradition with new flamboyant perspectives.


Presently, her artistic focus revolves around religious themes, drawing inspiration from everyday life and the profound experiences of motherhood. These themes have brought new dimensions to her exploration of familial bonds and the creation of a nurturing home.

Feel very welcome to meet her literary character, hybrids and imaginary beings, but be a little careful: they can reveal hidden feelings to you.

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Member of the Oxford Sculptures Group 


- Cover and inside OX MAGAZINE: An Imaginative Animal Word, pages 54-55, May 2023

- ABINGDON TOWN Magazine, Edition Eighteen, 2023: pages 37-39


- OXFORD MAIL Newspaper, 10 May, pages 12-13, 2023.

- OXFORD TIMES Newspaper, 11 May, page 39, 2023.


2006 BA Fashion Design and Technology (Degree) from FEEVALE/BR. 

2010 BA Fine Arts/ Sculpture from UFRGS/BR.

2016 BA Visual Arts (B. Ed) from UFRGS/BR.


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